Friday, 30 May 2008

Wedding Cards...

I bought the cuttlebug hearts embossing folder last weekend and some organza ribbon.... and felt inspired this week, to make some wedding cards, although I don't have any weddings coming up, but plenty of birthdays and christening cards to make! Haven't got round to them yet, and was determined I would finish them before back to school on Monday! Oh well.. :)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Oh my Goodness....

I feel so popular today!! ;) I have been blog hopping tonight, and found Julies blog, and as I was browsing her site, she was sending me an award!!! I am so chuffed....thankyou Julie!! It really gives me a lift when I get something like this, as I havent been blogging very long, and am still new to everything. Again, thankyou Julie. I hope you dont't mind, but a lot of people already have this award - and I would like to send it to everyone on my favourite-blogs-to-look-at list! xx

Another award...

....sent to me from Debs...Thankyou!!! Deb sees me as a "kreative blogger" ...thats a lovely compliment, thankyou!!!
So, I need to pass this onto others, who I see as a creative inspiration. (Theres a lot of bloggers who could fall into this cateogory, for me!!) Some of you already have this award, but I have found some fabulous bloggers I can pass this to.... Sharon (she has some lovely cards, and some lovely children!), Kath (her blog is just totally inspiring...she is now making me want to start making christmas cards!!), and Kerry (stunning cards and doodles and blog!) xx

Monday, 26 May 2008

I've been making more bags...

Here are three more bags I have recently altered. The sewing bag is for Hubbys Mum, the wildlife bag is for my Grndma and I'm not sure about the cat bag yet! I have been making some more, too, but I have to get photos of them yet. Its a bit addictive making these... :)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Thankyou Zoe!

Zoe has tagged me with the "Circle of Friends" - which I think is completely lvely of her! So...
im giving her this back :) and sending it on to Deb, Donna and Ruth. Cute tag :) Thankyou!! xx

Thank-you Kerry-Jo!!

...for your lovely freebie of the "cool dude" on your blog. My friends foster child is 14 in a week or so and have been pondering about what to put on his card...this image is absolutely ideal! I made another general "boy" card while I was at it, using the masculine dovecraft papers... which (I think) are an ideal accomplishment to this image!! Thankyou again!!! xx

Monday, 19 May 2008

"Altered" Pink Petticoat card.

I hope Liz from Pink Petticoat doesn't mind me making this card.... I have used the cuttlebug swiss dots embossing folder, the cuttlebug "hippie chick" alphabet and pink petticaot stripey paper and Lili image. I kinda changed it a bit...for my own needs. I was asked to make a card for a trendy hairdresser who was just about to turn 3o... it HAD to be pink petticoat! :)

I adjusted the Lili image... she was originally holding flowers, which I have carefully cut off , then I drew hairdresser items....a hairdryer and hair bobble in one hand,with a hairbrush and comb in the other hand.

(Hope you don't mind that I did this to the image Liz.... I was wanting you to see this, but your website has been down). I am pleased with the way this came out... do you like it?


Monday, 12 May 2008

Good Luck Cards I gave today.... the year 6 classes I work with. The children started thier S.A.T's today - two science papers, and I was needed to scribe for a girl who has broken her wrist and sprained her other wrist! Poor thing! Anyway... I came up with these cards. B/W card uses pink petticoat paper and the top card uses backing paper from the poundshop!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

My new stamp.

I bought a new stamp at the aintree craft show, a couple of weeks ago. I had a play with it on shrink plastic....I'm not very good at using that stuff, but I persevered and came up with this (after several attempts!!). I used dovecraft papers and cut the aperture myself. I dangled the litle bride and groom from the top of the aperture, and used some of the peel off paper I got from the craft show, which I cut to shape and sprinkled glitter on, then stuck to the inside of the card (which shows through the aperture). A ribbon and some more glitter around the aperture finished this card. A friend asked to look at my card collection last week, and she bought a few....this one included, so its gone already!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Do you like my "altered" bag?

I was totally inspired when I visited Aintree Craft Show at the weekend. But then I couldn't get hold of the essential item I needed, until after work on Tuesday. I got to Sainsburys and bought a few of those hesian bags for £1 each and I set to work. It took a little while as each sqare has been well faryed around the edges and it took ages!!!..there are 9 squares on each side,with a couple of ribbon bows I tied, and some teeny buttons. I'm really pleased with it now, and think it would make a great present, What do you think?