Sunday, 31 August 2008


I forgot my Mum and Dads anniversary at the beginning of the month, and felt awful! So I made this little card up for them,...showing what I think is an american / canadian image of a happy home and cat. (Just like my mum and dads house!) They loved it. xx

Sunflowers...Get well soon!

A friend of mine has been a bit poorly recently, so thought I would try to cheer her up by sending her this simple card I made ... with a photo I took!!! I took this at the Eden Project in Cornwall, and am very impressed with this pic as this was the first one I took with the new camera we had just bought!! I embossed around the edge, near the photo, with my shapeboss (I don't have a straight line on the stencils...I use the edge of the board. Difficult!!) ....though I am sure there must be an easier way! Any suggestions greatfully recieved. xx


I wanted to send the owners of the guesthouse we stayed in last week, in Cornwall, a thsnkyou card cos we had such a lovely time and they were great - so helpful and friendly. I bought Scott a new camera for his birthday while we were away, and we walked the 5 mins to Porth beach on the last night we were there, and took picyures of the sunset. So wehn we got home and printed them off, i thought that would be an appropriate image on the front of a very simple card. xx

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Just a quick thankyou...

To Deb, who sent me this award way back at the beginning of the summer hols, when I wasn't well and couldnt't muster the energy to even make my hubbys birthday card, let alone anything else. Thankyou to Deb for sending me this...I see just about everyone has this featured on thier blogs now, so I will say if you are looking here and don't have it, take it form me, with love. xx

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Apologies... I haven't been around blog land for a good few weeks. On our wedding anniversary - 8th Aug - I fell ill... i couldn't shake it off and was getting worse, so dragged myself to the doctor who told me I had a nasty case of gastroenteritis. I kept getting worse, and lost a stone in weight so went back to the doctor and this time, happened to get the most uncaring and unsympathetic doc I have ever had the displeasure to meet. To cut a long story short, he gave me a bloodtest of which I am utterly and completely phbic about, so I was quite hysterical. Then he called me the day after and said I need another in about a month! Hmm.. Oh, and they are sending me for a scan on Tuesday...on my gall bladder. (I HATE hospitals!!!!)

We almost cancelled our holiday in Cornwall, but I am so glad we didn't! We went last weekend and had a jam-packed week there. I was a bit dodgy for the first day or two, but hubby and I had a wonderful time, visited some beautiful places and the fresh sea air did me the world of good! We stayed in a lovely guesthouse, where we were well looked after (email me if you want contact details) for a very resonable price, very friendly and quiet area, with a 5 min walk from Lusty Glaze beach and Porth beach...very beautiful!!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm going to SELL my bags ON-LINE!!!

... (if anyone wants to buy one, that is!) I have been asked by a few ppl if I would sell them online, so have got some good size boxes to send them in, weighed them and checked them. I can accept a postal order (and can send as soon as possible after I recieve the p.o) or can also take a cheque (will send the bag as soon as i bank the cheque and it clears).

Just email me if you are interested and I shall let you know which bags I have, or can make up for you! (I have just made an email that I can send to you, which has a pic of each bag I either have in at the min, or have the material to make)


Friday, 8 August 2008

New pink petticoat cards

I have been having a play this week and come up with these friends are moving ito their first home together, after almost 10 years together (finally!!) so i have a few new home cards to pick from. Another couple of friends have been married for 6 years so I made them and sent them the owl card. My good friend Debs got the zebra card, as I just wanted to send her something to make her smile. I sent my friend Jaki (shes in canada ) the first monkey card "enjoy" along with the last 2 docrafts mags. I have sent her the mags since she moved over there last summer! I'm trying to get her to send me a pot of Tim Hortons english toffee cappuccino!! (I am not a coffee drinker, but hubby and I loved that when we were over there!) This week, I have hubbys birthday card to make, my male friend who is into archery (!) and I'd love to do a couple of scrapbooking pages.