Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wow....still going, this weekend!

Well, I had some time to finish playing this weekend, before back to school tomorrow (Monday). :( I have really anjoyed my week off! Made a wedding card ..again using Pink Petticoat papers and images (and stickles, though its hard to see in the pics)....

Then moved onto a birthday card for a friend whose birthday is in March (hand writtten sentiment)...

Or maybe I will give here this Pink Petticoat card?! Hmmm....
And I had a quick play with a stamp I havent used for a while... just wanted to send a little "Hows you?" card to a friend.... and she knows I love cats!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Fridays lot...

I have had this set of hippo images from Pink Petticoat for ages, and never used them, but I rediscovered them the other day, and love them. I just coloured the bow and the flower, and added glossy accents ontop. The papers are from PP too. (never used them before, either!!)

I thought I would make some wedding cards, as that time of year is coming up! I used dovecraft papers on this card, and some peeloffs I got free on a magazine - yonks ago!

This paper is from Pink Petticoat, as is the image. You can tell I'm a fan! It's hard to tell in the picture, but I have added glitter around the edge of the image and just slightly watercoloured the hearts on the image.

Another card using the dovecraft wedding papers....I love this paper, and didn't think it needed much more than a touch of stickles glitter here and there.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Bliss.... a day to myself, crafting, on half term week.

....What more could I want? :)

Had a couple of lovely days with Hubby, as he took a few days off. Then a friend visited on Wednesday and I cleaned the house - top to bottom. Ysterday I sat down, printed off some Pink Petticoat papers and images and sat, having a play! For the first time, I got out my bigbite too! Its a fab little machine...I love it :) I used it to attatch the flowers onto the cards.

I have been seeing a lot of cards recently, with a lovely border ....scalloped with a hole, or dot somewhere on the scallop. Talking to my Aunty, I hear it is a border puch by Fiskars... called "threading water". Well, I love it, but it is pretty expensive, so thought Iwould have a go at making my own version....

So, I cut along using my scallop scissors, then punched a hole inside each scallop with the smallest hole cutter on my big bite. I could also use my small hole maker from my boingy fiskars set, but I thought it would be easier with the big bite. I really like the botom edge of the sweet wishes card (below) and will use this more often.

Oh, I used a lot of flowers too, as you can see.... We had a "beach party" - (well, we would have done if we had had good weather!!) at school for the yr 6 leavers a couple of years ago, and i bought one of those long flower necklace things... like they wear in Honululu. I didn't get round to wearing it and have been wondering for a while if I could use it somehow... well, yesterday I did! I cut it up and got 3 colours of flowers - each in 2 sizes. The whole thing cost 99p so i thought it was a true bargain! Will be on the lookout for more, in different colours! ;)

On the bottom card, I added stickles glitter to the edge of the inner flower and a little on the card. Well, Im off to do some more crafting now... to see what I come up with today :) xx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Have you ever been to Canada / America?

...Because, if you have, you may have seen the gorgeousness that is CINNABON. They are a company who make these wonderful cinnamon swirls, amongst other cinnamon type things. Well, Hubby and I had one on honeymoon and then again, when we went to Canada in 2007, and I luuuuurve them! You wouldn't have believed the joy, when we found this company - CINNZEO - in Oldham (Spindles shopping centre) on Monday!!!

We had to sample one, as it looked the same as the canadian cinnabon. It tasted the same too!!!! We spoke with the woman who was making the m, and she told us they were part of the CINNABON company - and they were trained by people form Canada, to make them!

Well, as we were leaving the shopping centre, we had to pop back and buy this gorgeous pack too.... 20 seconds in the microwave - and its pure heaven!!!!!!

So - if you are passing by Oldham, please stop in the centre and show your support, by treating yourself to a CINNZEO. They are the only one shop in the whole of the UK (up to now!!!)
(PS.... Hubby said the cinnamon latte they do is delicious too!)

Monday, 16 February 2009

I made some round sentiments....myself!

I made some round sentiments myself....using publisher. I am pleased with them and made a number of different sizes and sentiments. I have used 2 already...many more to come yet, though! What do you think?

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Been having a play... baby / congrats

... These cards, being monchrome, would be ideal for either congrats on pregnancy, congrats on new baby girl or congrats on new baby boy. Cuttlebug embossing folders used.

Been having a play... sympathy / thinking of you

...Don't know why I started to make these today, but was just playing around and these cards popped out. Cuttlebug embossing folders used and ribbon I bought for 33p for 25 metres!!!

Been having a play... wedding / anniversary

...with my cuttlebug embossing folders. I sold some chards over christmas to some friends, and noticed this type of card were very popular. I have really enjoyed making these. Hope you like them.