Friday, 20 February 2009

Bliss.... a day to myself, crafting, on half term week.

....What more could I want? :)

Had a couple of lovely days with Hubby, as he took a few days off. Then a friend visited on Wednesday and I cleaned the house - top to bottom. Ysterday I sat down, printed off some Pink Petticoat papers and images and sat, having a play! For the first time, I got out my bigbite too! Its a fab little machine...I love it :) I used it to attatch the flowers onto the cards.

I have been seeing a lot of cards recently, with a lovely border ....scalloped with a hole, or dot somewhere on the scallop. Talking to my Aunty, I hear it is a border puch by Fiskars... called "threading water". Well, I love it, but it is pretty expensive, so thought Iwould have a go at making my own version....

So, I cut along using my scallop scissors, then punched a hole inside each scallop with the smallest hole cutter on my big bite. I could also use my small hole maker from my boingy fiskars set, but I thought it would be easier with the big bite. I really like the botom edge of the sweet wishes card (below) and will use this more often.

Oh, I used a lot of flowers too, as you can see.... We had a "beach party" - (well, we would have done if we had had good weather!!) at school for the yr 6 leavers a couple of years ago, and i bought one of those long flower necklace things... like they wear in Honululu. I didn't get round to wearing it and have been wondering for a while if I could use it somehow... well, yesterday I did! I cut it up and got 3 colours of flowers - each in 2 sizes. The whole thing cost 99p so i thought it was a true bargain! Will be on the lookout for more, in different colours! ;)

On the bottom card, I added stickles glitter to the edge of the inner flower and a little on the card. Well, Im off to do some more crafting now... to see what I come up with today :) xx

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jaki oneill said...

your so bloomin clever you make me sick!! with pride of course xoxo