Thursday, 19 February 2009

Have you ever been to Canada / America?

...Because, if you have, you may have seen the gorgeousness that is CINNABON. They are a company who make these wonderful cinnamon swirls, amongst other cinnamon type things. Well, Hubby and I had one on honeymoon and then again, when we went to Canada in 2007, and I luuuuurve them! You wouldn't have believed the joy, when we found this company - CINNZEO - in Oldham (Spindles shopping centre) on Monday!!!

We had to sample one, as it looked the same as the canadian cinnabon. It tasted the same too!!!! We spoke with the woman who was making the m, and she told us they were part of the CINNABON company - and they were trained by people form Canada, to make them!

Well, as we were leaving the shopping centre, we had to pop back and buy this gorgeous pack too.... 20 seconds in the microwave - and its pure heaven!!!!!!

So - if you are passing by Oldham, please stop in the centre and show your support, by treating yourself to a CINNZEO. They are the only one shop in the whole of the UK (up to now!!!)
(PS.... Hubby said the cinnamon latte they do is delicious too!)

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Zoe said...

Oooh these look really good! shame that Northampton and Oldham are so far apart! and the fact that I'm on a diet!