Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm going to SELL my bags ON-LINE!!!

... (if anyone wants to buy one, that is!) I have been asked by a few ppl if I would sell them online, so have got some good size boxes to send them in, weighed them and checked them. I can accept a postal order (and can send as soon as possible after I recieve the p.o) or can also take a cheque (will send the bag as soon as i bank the cheque and it clears).

Just email me if you are interested and I shall let you know which bags I have, or can make up for you! (I have just made an email that I can send to you, which has a pic of each bag I either have in at the min, or have the material to make)


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All Pink girl said...

Wow babe thats brilliant news well do you xxxDawnx