Monday, 8 December 2008

Another tagging....

Shelley just tagged me again... thanks!! :) I have to give 7 wierd or random facts about myself. I have done something similar to this before, so I shall have to try and think of some different stuff to tell you! :)
1. My friends think I am like Monica ( from "FRIENDS") as I am a bit of a clean freak.
2. I met my wonderful hubby when he replied to my ad (for my soulmate) in the local paper, in the personal coloumns!
3. When eating a meal, I always save "the best bit" til last.:)
4. I could eat a whole jar of nutella straight from the jar - if I got the chance! :)
5. I don't like to drive anywhere I don't know... and I don't trust sat nav.
6. I once went to watch sing-a-long-a-sound-of-music at the theatre..we all had to dress up as something from the show...I went as a mountain!
7. I have finished my christmas shopping!!!! (I did start it in April though.)
I 'm not going to pass this on, as I have done a round of tagging recently, but would love it if anyone reading this wanted to take it from me and put it on their own blog. I love to read these types of things about people! (thanks for reading!!)

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