Friday, 12 September 2008

I think it's an obsession!!

...See what I mean? I really love those american style ones at the top. The pink one which has chocolates and cakes all over it, is for my neice. She is 5 soon and loves all the bags I create...she picks a differnt one each week, to sling over her arm, to take (with Nana) to the library to carry her books back. She is such a CUTIE!!! xx

More bags......

Well, you know me...I just love doing these bags and everytime I find some fabric I love, I just can't help myself...think it's becoming an addiction!! xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

American folk-art cards

I have been having a play with some new images I have...they have quite an american feel to them I think. For the first go with some of then, I have simply inked the edge and popped them onto card...with a little glossy accents on the hearts or apples or flowers. There's room on the fourth card (with the house on) for a greeting, but haven't decided what that's going to be, yet. xx