Sunday, 18 January 2009

My first award this year..... this....

Thankyou Michele!!!! This has made my day!!!!
The rules of this Award are:
Put the Award on your blog.
Put a link to the person who gave it to you.
Nominate 5 other people to receive the Award.
Leave them a comment on their blog.
OK.... So I shall pass this onto.... Debs, Michelle, Krafty Kows, Ruth, and Sarah. xxx


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the lovely award Vicky, I really appreciate it. I hope you are well. i shall add the add award to my blog shortly :0) xx

MeandLilG said...

Hi hun, sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this - I'm pants, aren't it? Thank you so much for this - sorry for being a pain!! Hugs xxxx