Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My first EVER snowdays!!!

Well, for the first time ever, school has had to be closed because of the weather. Yeahhhh!!!! We had a lot of snow on Monday night and some yesterday afternoon. it was so deep here! My car is still snowed in in the back garden,. and will be awful to dig out of the garden and the alley along the back, when I have to go to work... Sun - please melt it!!! Our cats weren't very happy with the snow, but Vincent jumped out of the window and had a potter...Lily preferred to watch him. :)

This pic was taken from the back bedroom window. I love the telephone wire - covered in a thick layer of snow!

So... while I have been sat in - fully dressed and with my dressing gown on (!) I have been crafting. I just felt the urge to make some elephant cards. I think I like them!

Also, I have been making some cards for someone to sell for the breast cancer care charity. I used some pink petticoat papers and images and a cat template for the card at the bottom.


Carolands said...

Really love these cards :)

Where in the North West are you? The houses in your photos look very typical to where my family live in Preston.

Carol x

Ruby Tuesday said...

Hi love tha cards and the elephant is much nicer than the pattern I have. Pam xx

Ruby Tuesday said...

oh neva said the picture of Vincent and Lily is fabulous you have a brilliant eye for capturing a sho. Pam xx

Jackie said...

Fab cards Vicky but those elephants are fantastic :o)
Jackie xx

Glittertastic said...

Love the Pink Petticoat card! My cat utterly refuses to get his paws wet in the snow - when I tried to put him outside he just gave me one of those cat looks!

Re your goggly eyes for the elephants - if you cant find them at home, the Early Learning Centre usually has a good supply in the kiddy craft section.