Saturday, 30 May 2009

I made a maze book!

I have been inspired by Chelle and her Mum to make a maze book. I love the little books that they make to sell on their stalls. I watched a tutorial on U-Tube and had a go! the paper in the middle isnt exactly what I wanted, as I wanted a plain colour, but couldnt find a few 8x8 pages the same in one colour. This is just an experiment really. I used the big bite to make a hole in the front so I could add the flower charm and some ribbon so it will close. For the front and back, I used the back of a writing pad! I will post new pics once I have filled this with pics and sentiments.

I really enjoyed making didn't take long, was quite simple, but has made me want MORE papers!!!! xx


CoventryAnn said...

Gorgeous papers, love them!

krafty kows said...

Hi Vicky - what lovely paper! Looks really good. Well done Jeanette