Sunday, 13 March 2011

An award!

Wow!!! I just want to say thankyou to Mazza for giving me this award... I am so chuffed! I haven't seenher blog before I logged on to find a message from her this morning to say I was picked by her! Just been having a look on her blog and I can see why she was chosen, and I would like to say Thankyou!!"

Along with this award, comes a few "rules"...
I must post a link back to the person who gave it me... done!
I must share 7 random things about myself.... ok.
I must award 7 bloggers i have recently discovered.....ok.
I must contact these bloggers and tell them they have won this award.

So lets start with:
1. I was recently featured in Docrafts Creativity magazine ! (march issue just out)
2. I prob know Dirty Dancing word-for-word.
3. Chocolate is my absolute downfall.
4. I used to I just sleeptalk.
5. My husband is the absolute love of my life and soulmate..we met whenI placed a lonely hearts ad in the local paper.
6. It is my birthday next week.
7. I have once lay on a bed of nails!!!

Now for the 7 newly found bloggers,....
(please don't feel you HAVE to play along with this if you don't want too!)






Thanks for playing along girls, if you choose too. xxx


Alizabethy said...

Thank you for the compliment!

Kathleen said...

Thank you for thinking of me for the lovely award but I don't wish to accept it. Hugs Kathleen x