Monday, 21 April 2008

My "handbag" collection

I made a whole load of handbag cards, after designing my own template, and showing them on the docrafts website, so I made a lot of them and photographed them altogether...hope you can see them ok in the picture. I have sold quite a few of these, (and sold quite a few of the template on ebay too!) It has been quite a while since I made any of this design, but may have another go soon, with some different papers and embellishments.


MeandLilG said...

Hiya!! These are the reason I first noticed your gallery on that 'other' site we met on!! I love these! xx

LAZY-TROUT said...

Vicky these are amazing - you just can't have too many handbags ;)

kath said...

well Vicky they do say that a girl can never have enough handbags. Great cards

lola rose said...

That's a fantastic collection of handbags Vicky!

Michelle said...

Lovely bags Vicky, loved them on Do Crafts still love them now! You are very clever to make a template and well done on selling on eBay. thank you for finding me and letting me know of your blog. I love your cards and will add a link on my blog :0) xx

kerry said...

These are fab!! A girls dream to have this
Kerry xxx