Friday, 25 April 2008

So excited..... I'm off to Aintree craft show tomorrow. Aunt Kathleen called me a couple of nights ago and asked if I want to go with her and her friend Maureen. Do I? Course I do! Otherwise, I was going to do that dreaded "h" word.... (housework). I have never been to anything like this before, and am so excited!! Don't know what I will buy...theres nothing I "need" at the minute, but you never know what might be too much of a bargain to miss!

Wish me luck! ;)



Michelle said...

Hope you have a great time tomorrow Vicky xx

Zoe said...

How exciting! I bet when you are there you'll find there is a lot you "Need" and cant live without!

Cass said...

Have a great time tomorrow. My local craft shop will be there.Pop in and say hello to them. Craftology is their name.

Cass xx

shell said...

i'm going to aintree tomorrow i cant wait, i always spend too much at craft shows, but i love them. my hubby just gave me some more pennies to spend yippee.